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What Will $500,000 Buy You in Today's Market?

Ashley Rorison
September 5, 2019

Have you ever wondered how far $500,000 will go in today's real estate market? How about in neighbouring cities?
We took a look at what half-a-million dollars will buy you in Kamloops, Kelowna, Chilliwack and Vancouver. Read below to see what we found!

Kamloops Single Family Home in Juniper Ridge

2385 Qu'Appelle Blvd
5 bed, 3 bath
2100 sq ft single family home

Starting right here in Kamloops, we found a fantastic Juniper Ridge home with an in-ground pool! You'd also get a large yard, be within walking distance to one of the best schools in SD73, and spacious living on 2 floors. No, you won't get a brand-new or fully-renovated home in Kamloops for this price, but you will get a great, functional, move-in ready home to raise a family.

Kelowna 2 Bedroom Single Family Home

767 Clement Ave
2 bed, 1 bath
846 sq ft single family home

This single family home may be small, but it does have a detached double garage! It would make a great place to live (albeit small for a family), or purchase as a rental. This property is also zoned for future land use Multiple Unit Residential (medium density), which would also make it a great holding property.

Single Family Home in Chilliwack

46053 Fifth Ave
3 bed, 2 bath
1011 sq ft single family home

For now, this is a single family home right in Chilliwack, but it can be rezoned for future industrial uses (manufacturing, warehousing, processing and an accessory dwelling). Something to keep in mind for sure, especially if you are truly looking for a home to raise a family in.

An apartment building at 6555 Victoria Dr

305-6555 Victoria Dr
1 bed, 1 bath
503 sq ft apartment

Although you won't find a single family home in Vancouver for $500K, you could get a smaller, new (2017), 1 bedroom apartment. It also comes with ONE parking spot (which is rare!), and walking distance to all amenities. However, you won't get a yard or any extra bedrooms, so you likely wouldn't be able to have a pet or raise a family in this home.

There you have it! Four very different options in four different cites to spend your half-a-mil!

If you ask us, Kamloops is the clear winner - which home would be your first choice?


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