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Aaron Krausert
August 24, 2022

Welcome to our Explore Your Kamloops feature series!

This biweekly series features free, fun, and fantastic things about Kamloops including tours, services, amenities, and history. We believe highlighting different aspects of Kamloops, whether it’s art, history, or food, will create more connectivity between people and foster a stronger community.

This series is in no way sponsored or endorsed, but is a curated selection of topics we feel highlight the best of Your Kamloops.

This week we’re exploring the city’s MyKamloops app which allows residents to report non-emergency civic issues like potholes, a broken street light, fallen trees, graffiti, litter pickup and the like, directly to City Hall.

These concerns can also be reported online, but the app is super versatile. That annoying pothole you drive around every day? Pull over and snap a photo of it, and report it to the city–done! Your phone will automatically tag a geolocation to your submission, making it easy for city workers to respond. The location tag also helps identify potential problem areas if there are multiple requests to the same area.

The more details you can provide, the better. For example, for street lights, describe the type of material the street light pole is made from (metal versus wood/concrete). This will help the city determine if the street light is city-owned (made from metal) or one of BC Hydro's lights (made from wood/concrete). For a backed up catch basin (drain grate) that won’t drain, even after clearing away debris or snow, describe the location and/or take a photo.

Simply take a picture, video, or audio recording of an issue, categorize the type of problem you're reporting, add optional comments, and submit your report.

We think this is a pretty cool way for people to instantly submit a concern and build more community collaboration.

Do you use the app? What do you think?

Let us know at yourkamloops.ca or on one of our social media channels!


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